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His spouse is dead   His children are taken

His land is in peril   Nazaire Poulin is a lost man

Nazaire wants his life back, but the death of his spouse and the removal of his children have destroyed his world. He can’t even buy seeds for his coming summer crop.

His God is deaf and dumb to his pleas. The Quebec government squeezes profits from him. In-laws cling to centuries-old family customs, but a dog-eared letter sists on the kitchen table with a last line that offers hope:

“  if things bad at home .. tell brothers come   “

The Klondike Gold Rush has been over for a decade. Could there be six dollar a day jobs? Despite the questions and doubt, it’s his only chance. A spark of hope flashes in Nazaire’s body.

Many men have gone. Some starved on the way. Most returned broken.

It’s a Long Shot

Based on a true story, THE LONG SHOT is an exciting survival adventure detailing Nazaire Poulin’s four-thousand-mile journey, revealing a desperate man’s incredible courage and resilience. Sprinkled with extensive research by author Joyce Derenas, THE LONG SHOT exposes the unique signature of pioneering men in the heart of the Yukon wilderness.

A BREATHTAKING FIRST NOVEL – Derenas’ writing is crisp and clear, and her scenes sparkle as they take us across rugged and dangerous country. Rich Marcello

A STORY FOR THE BIG SCREEN – Fifty degrees below with wolves stalking. This true story researched and documented by Derenas is the stuff from which movies are made. E. Raymond Tatten

Available in Kindle, paperback or ACX.