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The scenes came to me

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Bit by bit, the scenes came to me.

After I closed down my ancestry account with over 500 family photos and about 25,000 entries, I found that I had no appetite for the chase. Once you hit over 10,000 entries, you realize that you will not research much further; rather, you will piggy back on the research of others, sucking in 40 to 50 new members at the push of a few buttons.

Then and there, I decided to concentrate on a generation whose accomplishments I could discover, whose courage I could reveal and whose footsteps I could prove: the generation of my maternal grandfather, Raoul Poulin and his siblings.

I narrowed down the scope of my interest to the 1907 journey that Raoul made with his oldest brother, Nazaire Poulin, and their reunion in Dawson with two other brothers.

Once I retired, I started to research, and then to write.

I wrote out my cards – the dreaded cards, which weren’t so dreaded at all.

And re-wrote scenes with my trusty tool: scissors.

After a few years, I needed a little help to stay the course, so it was time for an additional monitor.