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1 Poulin celebration 1939

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At a Poulin family celebration commemorating 300 years in Canada [August 6, 1939 at Sainte Anne de Beaupre], she counted more than 300 religious men, priests and religious women in her genealogy.  We can agree, then, that our dear Sister inherited a magnificent moral and treasured character.  She even declared it.  One day she requested that family members pray for the spiritual welfare of two of her brothers established in the Yukon [This was Romeo and Gaudias].  “They cannot have taken a wrong route” she concluded with love and pride, “they are from too generous blood”  This speech was the destination of these two interested men, but from one who spoke little and with wisdom, this speech was well taken (as in used well and for a long period of time).

The Poulin Family Celebration in Saint Anne de Beaupre, 1939