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Manya’s Support

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During one of my research trips, I met a lovely young woman at the Barefoot Hostel in Ottawa. Her name was Manya. She was bright, generous and asked about my story. As she listened, I couldn’t help but think she enjoyed hearing about my 1907 novel since she listened so intently. The next morning, she was gone. To my surprise, I found this simple note in the kitchen. It read:

I have looked at these words of encouragement every morning for the last two years. Wherever you are in the world, thank you, Manya, for the support.

Well Manya, I went home and wrote my novel the long shot, based on the real-lives of five brothers from Quebec. With family documents and extensive research, the long shot is an exciting adventure story of determination and gumption. Set in 1907, it paints a picture of courage and family bonds.