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Is a man’s hidden nature to murder?

Romeo Poulin works carving tunnels, building trestles and laying railroad tracks
in the great northern wilderness where word of the 1885 Klondyke Gold Rush spreads like a fire. Good fortune falls upon him when he meets Ben Charlie, a Tlingit Indian, who keeps Romeo from starving that first winter.

When his friend leaves for the Alaskan coast, Romeo visits where he meets Ben’s niece, Becca.

The attraction is immediate and grows between the young Dawson miner and the shy, Tlingit woman.

But Romeo soon learns that in the Tlingit community, a white man cannot court an Indian woman, and

Rain, a violent Haida Indian, has designs on Becca himself.

Romeo rescues Becca who favors him with a forbidden kiss, undoing his steady thoughts. Now rain in more determined to keep Becca forever.  True adventure spreads across Alaskan waters.

You spirit bear now — you dance … ”

Based on a true story, DANCE of the SPIRIT BEAR is an exciting survival adventure story depicting real lives of the author’s Klondike Gold Rush ancestors. The author’s years of research brings us insights into Tlingit traditions, their moiety and the clan families’ adventurers as they eke out a living on the rugged Alaskan coast in the early 1900s.

Available in Kindle, paperback or ACX.