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Series 1 – A Klondike Gold Miner’s Life

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My first series, A Klondike Gold Miner’s Life is a 5 part story of 4 brothers who all participated in the Klondike Gold Rush. How do I know?

Because I have been there, walked the cemeteries, and did my primary research i the prestigious Yukon Archives of Whitehorse, the Dawson Museum, The National Archives of Canada in Ottawa, and the Association du Patrimoine des Beaucerons in Saint Joseph of Beauce, Quebec, the birth village of these four brothers.

I’m home now, finishing up THE HOMECOMING, which will be available this fall.

In THE LONG SHOT, you meet Nazaire and Raoul Poulin. Nazaire lost his wife & now in-laws take away his children, which was the custom of the day. He hasn’t enough money to
pay for new seed come planting time, so if he can’t figure out a work-around by planting day in 3 years, the government will take all his property, land and animals.

In BECCA’S KISS, you meet Romeo Poulin who is smitten by the love of his life. However, one innocent kiss leads to shipwrecks and dangerous ocean crossings.

In ANNA’S WISH, welcome the shy Anna Pasteels who is forced into prostitution to survive. When Romeo makes a big strike, he extends a hand in marriage. Will she take it or bite it off?

In MARY’S HEART, both Romeo and Mary have known each other for years, but not as husband and wife. Will Dawson accept the First Nations woman as one of their own?

In THE HOMECOMING, the frothing, seething Gaudias Poulin has insulted his brother, Romeo in a decades-old battle. Now in his 70s, Gaudias gives up the gold to return to his birth village. Will he find any friendships there?