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10 Florence Poulin’s vows

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After this testimony from a brotherly voice on the life of Sister Saint-Florentin at our family homestead, we remembered the beautiful examples of virtue, the generosity which her religious life manifested toward us and was shared by us.  At the time of her venerated father’s death [November 12, 1929], our dear Sister had already given an enormous amount of devotion to the religious community.  The Novitiate, with her ordinary beliefs, appeared gentle and simple.  Wasn’t she trained at the school of suffering?  And wasn’t God the prodigy of her graces, by preserving her from worldly and physical distractions!

Taking her Postulant vows on July 30, 1906 and Final vows on July 31, 1911, she joyously completed her work as a cook at our Caçouna Convent, and at the Orphanage of Saint-Sauveur until 1925.

Her stamina was not very strong but she still performed her daily chores, her heart still in the labor she completed.  She held on as long as she was victorious despite her liver fluctuations which, however, exhausted her.

One day, our dear Sister found herself under the surgeons’ knife [April 11, 1923].  Sister Saint-Florentin submitted to this operation that was very serious and with no promise of favorable consequences; the recovery from this illness was very fast.  When her convalescence ended, the following several months were spent with reduced tasks, and even simpler tasks that proved not too challenging for her frail health.