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Coventry Vermont

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I’ve often returned to Coventry, Vermont, searching for my grandfather’s farm on River Road.  No visit is complete without a visit to the Town Clerk who has always been patient and accommodating.

One of Vermont’s jewels, Lake Memphremagog is a site to behold. Spooning with the city of Newport on its south end, the lake is a good 22 miles long, 10 miles wide with more islands on the Canadian side of the lake –rich with old caves and stories of the whiskey runners of the 1920s who would hide their booze in caves while they waited for the US buyers to cross in the dead of the night by boat.  I wonder how many runners kept themselves warm with a little “taste” to give their blood fortification on the cold and foggy lake at night.

The waterfront of Lake Memphremagog in early morning.

How a lake as beautiful as this one can have different names on each side still amazes me. On the Canadian side, the Lake is simply Lake Magog.  Much easier to spell than its American counterpart.  The fishing never disappoints and the lineup of beautiful crafts is eye candy to anyone with a drop of seamanship in his blood.