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After five decades, a gold miner leaves the Yukon behind

Illness triggers a major change in Gaudias Poulin’s life. He misses his brother, Romeo, and longs to return to his childhood village in Quebec. He has nothing to show for a lifetime of gold mining sweat and strife. Decades of resentments and misunderstandings fester in his insides.

Nothing proves that I was there

He searches for redemption after a lifetime of resentment and hate. One young man admires the gruff Gaudias. Can his twisted heart be softened by this young man?  Is he the family that Gaudias has always sought?

Gaudias walks the property and soon discovers his sister’s grave, Sister Florentin. During daily visits, he pours his heart out and five decades of misunderstandings and resentments surface. As he seeks redemption, his roommate offers admiration for the miner. Is this young boy the family that Gaudias has always sought?

Coming in Kindle, paperback or ACX.