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A First Nations Woman in Dawson

We already have a child together. Let’s do things right

As First Nations people intermarry and assimilate into the white man’s culture, one woman questions what she might lose if she weds a white man.

What will I have to give up?

Mary Johnnie has felt the sting of loss, burying more loved ones than most. How much grief can one woman endure? She isn’t alone.

Romeo Poulin has also felt the bite of grief, but he longs for a family, and more than anything, a son.

Will Mary agree to wed and someday give him the boy he hopes for? If they wed, will she have to change who she is — a Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in?

Together, life in the Yukon challenges them both in ways they never expected.

Based on the real lives of the author’s ancestors.

Available in Kindle, paperback or ACX.