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3 Primary studies

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Florence followed the primary studies (elementary school) at the little school at Big Mountain Row at the same time fulfilling the role of second mother in the house.  She quite school at 13 years old [1882], devoting herself completely to family duties.  What a help, and what an angel this child was, that she could be called 20 times, 100 times, without exhausting her patience.

Would it be too late for Florence to return to the role of student, or could another sibling  with the same personality traits supply her with the schoolwork while at home?  Would she be courageous enough, at 18 years old (1887), to renew her studies and become a boarder at school?  Why doubt it.  Wasn’t entering the convent her life desire?  She would endure home-sickness for her mother and her siblings, she would be lonely; but she would have to leave home one day to become a religious woman.  Leave she did.

Her goal was crushed.  Marked by gentleness unlike any other boarder, she plunged herself into this new life, and in 2 years (age 20 in 1889), achieved a short teaching assignment with “distinction.”  Her companions, all younger, chose Florence as their president [leader].  They sought Florence for counsel, guidance and they loved her.