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15 Death of Florence Poulin

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Saturday, the 16th [Sept 16, 1939], the Reverend Abby Emile. Turgeon, the embalmer, blessed her coffin.  At the alter, the Reverend Abby Eudore Bourbeau, sponsor for the Saint-Joseph of the Deliverance Hospice appeared right away.

Two brothers [Arthur and Nazaire], one sister [either Marie-Laure or Philomene] numerous friends and other parents arrived because of this regrettable departure [Florence’s death], one last witness of affection and profound estimation.

To others, a delegation of recognition: four elderly from the Hospice of Levis.  They offered spontaneous honorary masses and they reclaimed comfort in carrying the coffin of the devoted Hospice Care Giver [Florence], so that they would not forget ever all the attentive sympathy and comfort given [by Florence] to those that she served].

For your generous servant, the Lord designated according eternal repose, and the brilliant light of glory for this soul forever.