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Series 2 – The New Americans


My second series will follow one of the brothers, Raoul Poulin and his family when they leave Quebec with the money he had earned in Dawson, Yukon,  and immigrated to COVENTRY, Vermont.

This series will be written as memoir, and although I was not an eye witness to many of these events, I have had a lifetime of hearing about my aunts and uncles in America.

The series will follow book 2 where many members of Raoul’s family as they endure a major U.S. flood in WINOOSKI.

At one point, the family will split in book 3, sending some down to Florida to earn money and send it home in BELANDVILLE.

Next, another attempt to raise money shows some of Raoul’s children, now adults, employed at the U.S.’s largest insane asylum of the day, KING’S PARK in book 4.

Nothing works for poor Raoul in book 5 as his children, one by one, descend South to the mill town of GARDNER.

Years later, all of Raoul’s children have moved to the big city of WORCESTER when opportunity awaits. They marry, have children and learn many skills in book 6.


This series will include:

  • a young boy develops into a sharpshooter
  • a kid who tried to scam the Jewish community
  • a wild black bear
  • a kid who turned from child to GO-FER overnight and found being needed was meaningful
  • a boy who was lent out like a shovel to a neighbor for an entire harvest season
  • a young woman who buried her brother in a sandy grave with no marker
  • a prison gang that helped out a struggling family
  • a young asylum worker who swears to have seen a man’s floating head in a dark tunnel
  • a systematic approach to making weekend pies for big appetites
  • how the courage to grab opportunity spreads