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The Biography of Sister Saint-Florentin

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A new Kindle short read about the biography of a Sister of Charity of Quebec, a grand aunt of the author.

In 1939, religious organizations still shared the lives of their deceased members. Among the Sisters of Charity of Quebec, the gray nuns, the custom was to have a religious who was considered the closest friend of the deceased to write such an account. At the Mass for the Dead, these short biographies were handed out to family. Herein is the Biographical Notice of Florence Poulin, Sister Saint-Florentin, Aux. who died September 13, 1939. Over the years, the property has been named Villa Mastaï, the Saint Michel Archangel Hospital, the Robert-Giffard Hospital, and currently the University Institute in Mental Health of Quebec. This English version of this biography is an attempt to transcend a wooden translation, and bring a more highly evolved version to the reader. A few paragraphs were amended and reordered for clarity. The biography of a 1930s Sister of Charity of Quebec, Florence Poulin, is now available on Amazon at

Florence Poulin was a grand aunt of the author.