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7 Levels of religious commitment

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The levels of religious life for women in most Catholic convents:

Phase I Postulant
1 year
Think about vows and a life in service to God – wear a mini-habit, often all white, display much hair around your face [you are still a member of the outside world].

You are a fiancée of God at this stage.

Phase 2 Novitiate
2 year
Take initial vows – become less worldly – wear ½ white and ½ black, hair is cut dramatically short, and perhaps display very little hair [aspire to be modest and free of vanity in the eyes of God].

You are a bride of God at this stage.

Phase 3 Professed
(full fledged nun for the rest of your living days)
Final vows – heavy duty commitment to God – wear black, never show hair around face again [achieve highest level of modesty possible for a woman, to be vanity-free for the rest of your life].

You are a wife of God at this stage.