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14 The end of a calling

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Later Florence would quit working at the hospice forever.  After having worked 14 years, she would leave humbly and willingly, repeating a saying on Limitation: “When you have done all that you should, say to yourself “I’m a pretty useless servant.””

But to be humble, she was no less joyful.  Her infirmary bedroom radiated genuine joyfulness which would gently stir like the confidence of a child who later would throw herself in the arms of her parents.

Yes, of her parents: isn’t God her first father, the one that loved her and that she lived for?  What joy to see him soon.  If he would permit her to suffer physically, she would have all eternity to feel joy.  She even found that he already had goodness for her, that he bathed her in joy.  What would the celestial encounter be like?

Our dear Lord multiplies her Eucharistic visits (she received communion over and over).  On the 2nd of September by the grace of the administrator, He [God] wore his soul of brightness and added new strength while waiting to introduce it to the virginal casket of the heaven’s in the promise land for the ones who practiced the work of mercy.

Marie [the Virgin Mary], her dear Mother, it is she who receives the last Hail Marys’ and sustains our last efforts on the road of exile.  Her good father, Saint Joseph, would help Florence to cross the terrible frontiers [leave the physical world] on a Wednesday [Sept 13, 1939, the day she died].

To what kind of welcome, without doubt, was she received in heaven by her parents according to nature? What exchanges of gratitude they must have experienced.  Our dear beloved Sister Saint-Florentin could reveal her gentleness to us.