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Gaudias Poulin

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Gaudias Poulin about 1898.

Fourth son of Evariste Poulin, Gaudias was to leave home as a late teen with his younger brother Romeo, travel for work and eventually find gold in the Yukon along with thousands of other men. He would work most of his lifetime and return to the village of his youth as a poor, dried up miner with full-blown TB.

Most of his siblings dead, not knowing any of his living nephews and nieces,. Gaudias’ fate was to live his remaining years in Villa Mastai, the Tuberculosis Sanitorium in Beauport. Today, this facility is the prestigious Mental Health University Institute of Quebec (L’Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Québec). Of all Evariste’s sons, Gaudias was the most world-traveled, and the son who opened up the most gold mines in the Yukon in his lifetime.