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4 A new role

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Florence, therefore, became selfless and accepted her new task [role as 2nd mother].  Her father (Evariste Poulin) depended on her to take care of his home.  The children suffered from the absence of their mother less but gradually, home became calm under Florence’s gentle direction.  She proved to each and everyone around her with this separation [Florence’s absence from the covenant, that she embraced this task (stain) that the heavens assigned to her.

With a supernatural assistance [from God], this courageous young woman applied herself.  To see how she managed, here is a quote from one of her brothers, Mr. Arthur Poulin: “Our sister, Florence, was gentile, active, courageous and kind, particularly very pious.  Even in the most minute tasks, she saw the will of God and she resigned herself with grace, while singing.  She was everywhere there was work to be completed.  Always the first to exhibit cheerfulness, she was also the first to accept work.  But she would serve [feed] herself last.

Thin from loneliness and a hard life, she never became angry.  We always found her so kind, we nicknamed her “Angel-Heart.”  When we were rough or misbehaved, she would only cry.  Her tears were stronger than any argument, and everyone would behave:  We loved her so much!