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9 Illness in servitude

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Our well-loved sister, which we now called Sister Saint-Florentin, had always told us she was happiest at the Convent, happier than all of us out in the world.  During her illness, she became very pampered. She always set aside her own heart’s desires to focus on our interests, and our troubles. And we all counted on her prayers, on her encouragement, on her guidance as if she was our own mother.

Our father was very lonely after Florence’s leaving [Florence entered the Convent for the 2nd time on May 20, 1904], but he resigned to God’s will and abandoned the future to Providence. He lived another 24 years and died a saint’s death [November 1928], comforted by a visit from his daughter [probably at the end of October 1928. It would have been possible for her brother, Arthur Poulin to have driven her down from the Hospice of Saint Joseph de la Deliverance at Lévis].