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First Nations People Abound in new Novel

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In a newly released adventure story, the long shot: a french canadian saga – book 1, historical fiction author Joyce Derenas features many First Nations people. This novel takes place in 1907 and is based on the real lives of the author’s ancestors. Written with extensive primary research from notable sources such as the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa and the Yukon Archives of Whitehorse, Derenas paints a slice-of-life image of many First Nations people losing their way of life while others clung desperately to their customs and language.

A list of all the aboriginal peoples in the long shot includes:

• The Ojibway First Nations people of Curve Lake at Peterborough, Ontario.

• The Gros Ventre of the Aaniiih Nation of Fort Belknap, Montana, USA

• The Ojibway First Nations people of Kenora, part of the Turtle Band who perished by the end of 1907 from the dog bark.

• The Ojibway First Nations people at Curve Lake, Roseau River near Richer, Manitoba.

• The Blackfoot First Nations people of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

• The Doig River First Nations peoples of Rose Prairie, BC.

• The Blueberry River First Nations people north of Fort Saint John in Buick, BC.

• The Kaska Dena First Nations people of Fort Nelson who lived around Summit Pass, BC and in the Kaska mountain range and Watson Lake, YT.

• The Tlingit First Nations people in the Cassiar Mountains and Carcross, YT

• The Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nations people or Hån of Moosehide, YT.

• The Dane-zaa First Nations people or Dreamers who lived in the Peace River areas of Alberta and BC.

Besides these, Derenas also gives a passing mention to the Ojib-Cree from the Wahgoshig First Nations people in the Great Clay Belt of Canada, the Cree and the Sarcee of Edmonton, Alberta.

Can you tell that I’m part American Indian, too.