1881 Canadian Census

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As the population grew, each census told a more complete story of the lives of the hardy, soil-of-the-earth people who carved out their existence in the Beauce.  Here is the listing for the Evariste Poulin family in 1881:


Evariste Poulin38 years
Eliza29 years
Florence11 years
Nazaire 9 years
Arthur 8 years
Alma 5 years
Almeria 3 years
Romeo 2 years
Gaudias2 months

Raoul isn’t born yet so he’s not listed. Neither are two subsequent brothers, one who lived less than 24 hours, the other less than 48.


Joyce Derenas is a historical fiction author who writes stories based on the real lives of her French-Canadian ancestors of the Beauce Valley in Quebec.