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Nazaire’s Children – December 1906

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In January 1907, Nazaire Poulin embarked on a journey of 4,000 miles with his youngest brother, Raoul as they crossed Canada from Quebec to Winnipeg, walked through the Prairies to Edmonton, and then bridged the Rocky Mountains.

My novel, the long shot brings Nazaire from despair to joy as he fights through the challenges that would flatten a lesser man.

The photo below, taken a month before their mother, Victoria’s death, are Nazaire’s children: left to right Thomas, Edmond, Laura and Delphis.

Thomas, almost a man now, would be pulled from school and join his Uncle Arthur in his convenience store (dépanneur).

Left to right: Thomas, Edmond, Laura and Delphis Poulin, children of Nazaire Poulin about December 1906.