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April 28 Article in the Worcester Telegram

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In a segment in the Worcester Telegram, Correspondent Ann Connery Frantz was kind enough to list my novel in a section called Area authors. It reads:


By Ann Connery Frantz, Correspondent

Posted Apr 28, 2019 at 3:00 AM

Area authors

Jack London fans may enjoy Joyce Derenas’ “The Long Shot: A French Canadian Saga.” The Worcester author’s nonfiction narrative is about two brothers who traveled to the Yukon gold mines, mostly on foot. It’s the story of Nazaire Poulin of Quebec, who loses his wife, his livelihood and his children. With his brother Raoul (the author’s grandfather), he makes a dangerous journey across Canada and up to the Yukon in 1907. There, he hopes to earn enough gold to reclaim his children. Rich with detail about the Northwest and the times, the book reveals much about the native tribes and travelers of an era long past. (Full disclosure: I edited this book.) Available through and independent bookstores.