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Proof #4

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TWO GOLD NUGGETS When Raoul Poulin returned from the Yukon, he brought with him not only the cash he earned from working in a bench… Read More »Proof #4

Proof #2

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DELPHIS POULIN’S LETTER   This letter was written by Delphis Poulin, one of Nazaire’s sons. It was written when Delphis was advanced in years. Delphis… Read More »Proof #2

Proof #3

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Every placer mining claim was recorded in creek books in the gold fields of the Yukon. In the center of this page, one record reads… Read More »Proof #3

Proof #1

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SISTER SAINT-FLORENTIN OBITUARY Everyone knew that Nazaire and Raoul Poulin had left for the Yukon. From Sister Saint-Florentin’s obituary, I discovered that Florence Poulin, the… Read More »Proof #1